March 15, 2010

Alphabetical list of Soup Chick recipes

All of Soup Chick's own recipes. To find soups that contain a particular ingredient (corn, beans, turkey, etc.), use the search box in the right-hand column.

You can find even more of my original soup recipes on my main food blog, The Perfect Pantry (

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Apple pie soup

Armenian red lentil soup

Asparagus, potato and herb soup

Asparagus soup

Avgolemono (Greek egg-lemon soup)

Avocado bisque with tarragon

Barley and kale soup with garlic chicken sausage and mushrooms

Beef and escarole soup with mushrooms and orzo

Beef stock

Beet, orange and five-spice soup

Black bean and peach salsa soup

Black bean soup with Ro*Tel


Broccoli and apple soup

Butternut squash soup

Cantaloupe and yogurt soup with ginger, lime and mint

Caramelized onion soup

Carrot-ginger soup

Chevre bisque with tomato, basil, and an optional lobster garnish

Chicken alphabet soup

Chicken sausage, zucchini and mushroom soup

Chicken stock

Chicken stock from rotisserie chicken

Chicken vegetable soup with Israeli couscous

Chickpea, spinach and tahini soup

Chilled beet and tomato soup

Chilled cucumber and avocado soup

Chilled green curry coconut asparagus soup

Chilled mint pea soup

Chilled peach soup with almonds

Chinese dumpling soup

Chipotle red lentil and tomato soup

Chipotle turkey, black bean and corn soup

Chocolate soup with whipped cream

Chupe de maní (Ecuadorean peanut soup)


Coriander carrot soup

Corn and seafood cioppino

Corn chowder with chipotle cream

Corn stock

Cream of broccoli and cheese soup

Cream of corn soup with basil oil

Cream of tomato soup with basil and corn

Creamy asparagus leek soup

Creamy corn and red pepper soup

Creamy cream-free broccoli soup

Cuban black bean soup

Cucumber, yogurt and dill soup

Curried carrot coconut soup

Curried cashew soup

Curried parsnip, carrot and potato soup with coconut milk

Curried red lentil soup with yogurt

Curried tofu, broccoli and mushroom soup

Curry noodle soup with tofu

Double goodness tomato soup

Egg drop soup

Eggplant, roasted red pepper and mint soup

Field of greens soup

Fish stock (without fish heads)

Floribean chicken chili soup

French onion soup

Green posole soup with chicken

Green split pea soup with challah croutons

Hot and sour soup with tofu, shiitake mushrooms and noodles

Indian mushroom soup

Iranian split pea, rice and herb soup with meatballs (aashe maste)

Irish blue cheese and tomato soup

Italian wedding soup

Kirsten's potato, pasta and vegetable soup

Korean-style black bean soup

Leek and potato soup

Lentil and brown rice soup with preserved lemon and garlic chicken sausage

Lentil vegetable soup

Mango gazpacho soup with shrimp and avocado

Mexican beef, hominy and green chile soup

Minestra del sedano (Italian celery soup)

Miso soup

Miso soup with soba noodles and vegetables

Moroccan chicken and rice soup with parsnips and carrots

Mulligatawny soup with chicken

Mushroom Stroganoff soup

New England clam chowder

New England fish chowder

New England lobster and corn chowder

Paella soup

Pasta e fagioli, restaurant style

Pear and parsnip soup

Pea soup with pasta and parmesan

Portuguese kale soup (a.k.a. International Institute of Rhode Island lunch room soup)

Potato and parsley soup with olive tapenade

Potato, celery root and bacon soup

Ratatouille soup

Red lentil rhubarb soup

Red pepper soup with lime

Rhode Island clear chowder

Roasted red pepper and basil soup

Roasted sweet potato and corn chowder

Salmon and corn chowder with smoky pepper

Scallop, bacon and potato chowder

Scotch broth

Seven-spice udon noodle soup

Slovak lettuce soup

Slow cooker tomato herb soup

Slow cooker vegan lentil and chickpea soup

Slow-roasted tomato and yogurt soup

Smashed potato and leek soup

Smoky corn chowder

Sopa de ajo (Spanish garlic soup)

Sopa de lima (Mexican lime and tortilla soup)

Sopa de quinoa (quinoa soup)

Sopa de verduras (vegetable soup)

Soupe au pistou

Spicy barley soup

Store-bought stock, enhanced

Sweet and sassy black bean soup

Thai chicken red curry coconut soup

Thai hot and sour shrimp soup (tom yom koong)

Three Sisters soup

Tomato, orange and fennel soup

Tomato, zucchini, white bean and basil soup

Tortellini soup with escarole and zucchini

Turkey and tortellini vegetable soup

Turkey barley soup

Turkey escarole soup

Turkey, kale and butternut squash soup

Turkey sausage meatball noodle soup

Vegetable soup with fennel, white beans and Italian turkey sausage

Vegetable gazpacho

Vegetable stock

Watermelon gazpacho

White bean soup with bacon, feta, thyme and lemon

White lentil and kale soup with (or without) spicy sausage

Wild rice and cranberry soup

Winter tomato soup

Yellow lentil and spinach slow cooker soup

Yellow split pea soup with sausage

Zucchini and basil soup

Zucchini, white bean and pesto soup

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