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December 23, 2012

Curried zucchini soup, from Bewitching Kitchen

Curried zucchini soup: winter goodness, from Bewitching Kitchen (on Soup Chick).

After the zucchini glut of late summer, I need time to recuperate from all zucchini all the time. By the time the weather turns cold, though, I crave all varieties of squash again. Sally of Bewitching Kitchen adapted this soup by cutting back a bit on the heavy cream that carries the curry flavor; you can modify to your own taste. Trust the recipe, and cook the zucchini long enough to coax its sweetness into the soup. It will warm you on the coldest of Meatless Mondays. Serve it with some crusty bread, a green salad, and a glass of wine.

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November 20, 2012

Leftover turkey noodle soup, from Skinnytaste

Leftover turkey noodle soup, from Skinnytaste (on Soup Chick).

After a weekend of feasting and, for many of us, over-feasting, nothing tastes better than a bowl of soup. Gina, from Skinnytaste, makes turkey stock from the bird carcass, and uses it to make a classic turkey noodle soup. Add some of the turkey meat, leftover roast carrots (or parsnips, or whatever vegetables you have), and old-fashioned noodles, and you have a healthy, restorative bowl of soup you can eat right now, or freeze for later.

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November 18, 2012

10-minute shrimp and mushroom Thai curry, from Steamy Kitchen

Quick and easy 10-minute shrimp and mushroom Thai curry (on Soup Chick).

Like Jaden of Steamy Kitchen, I always have coconut milk and Thai red curry paste in my pantry. This 10-minute shrimp and mushroom Thai curry comes together quickly, accommodates any vegetables you have on hand, and feels a lot fancier than it is. (If shrimp isn't your thing, you could substitute chicken or tofu.) Before a long weekend of all-turkey, all-the-time, a spicy Thai shrimp curry really appeals to me, and I love that it only takes ten minutes to make.

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