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December 14, 2013

The Saturday Simmer: Vegetarian and vegan chili recipes

Slow cooker vegetarian chili, from Amee's Savory Dish.

When it comes to chili, I'm definitely not a purist. Beans or no beans, meat or no meat, as long as there's a good kick of chile pepper in some form, I'm happy. Lately, I've been gravitating toward meatless recipes like this slow cooker vegetarian chili from Amee's Savory Dish, which combines four different types of canned beans with corn and tomato. Perfect for Meatless Monday, or any day of the week, vegetarian or vegan chili packed with beans, legumes, and vegetables will satisfy everyone in the family. Make your chili on the stovetop, or in the slow cooker. I promise, you'll never miss the meat.

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December 7, 2013

The Saturday Simmer: Stew recipes for stovetop or slow cooker

Irish stew, from Recipe Girl.

For those of us who don't measure well, who don't make fancy or fussy food, or who don't like to cook every single day, there is stew. Whether it's vegetable based, or built around meat and potatoes like this gorgeous Irish stew from Recipe Girl, a well-constructed stew never fails to satisfy. It's almost a requirement that when you cook stew, you make a big pot of it, either on the stovetop or in the slow cooker. Most stews taste even better on the second day as the flavors have a chance to meld, so you can prepare a stew today, have some for dinner tonight, enjoy the rest tomorrow, or portion it out for easy worknight dinners after a quick reheat.

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October 19, 2013

The Saturday Simmer: Chunky chicken soup recipes

Chicken fajita soup, from Two Peas & Their Pod.

'Tis the season. Cold and flu season. My mother told me chicken soup would cure everything, and she was right. When I was young, we loved chicken noodle soup from a can. (Oh, so salty.) These days, I'm more likely to make my own chicken soups spicy. Either way, noodly or peppery, like this chicken fajita soup from Two Peas & Their Pod, chicken soup does the trick. I have no proof of this, but I believe that there's just as much magic healing power in the pieces of chicken as there is in the broth.

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