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October 26, 2013

The Saturday Simmer: Black bean chili recipes

Pumpkin black bean chicken chili in the slow cooker, from Eat at Home.

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who believe in beans in their chili, and those who believe that chili should be meat and peppers and nothing else. I'm a beans-in-chili girl, and my bean of choice is the black bean. When I have downtime in the kitchen, I cook two pounds of dry black beans in the slow cooker (18 hours on low, water to cover by a couple of inches, no pre-soaking necessary), and I freeze them in smaller portions for chili, stew or soup. Canned black beans work well in chili, too, which makes recipes like this scrumptious pumpkin black bean chicken chili from Eat at Home so easy. And pumpkin -- what could be more seasonal?

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September 28, 2013

The Saturday Simmer: Chili recipes for tailgate parties

Boozy beef chili, from Food Blogga.

I know, I know. When you're dining al fresco in the football stadium parking lot, you're supposed to fire up the hibachi and grill hot dogs or brats, or something that tastes better when you wash it down with a beer while keeping your hands warm at the same time. I think what tastes best with beer is chili, and if you've got the hibachi going, why not warm up a pot of chili brought from home? Or, if tailgate dining isn't your plan, make this boozy beef chili (pictured above) from Food Blogga, and serve it in the comfort of your family room while the game is on TV. Or don't watch the game, and just make chili. Who's to know?

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April 16, 2013

Chocolate stout chili, from Use Real Butter

Chocolate stout chili, from Use Real Butter (on Soup Chick).

Like Jen at Use Real Butter, I've never tasted chocolate stout, but when I first saw her recipe for chocolate stout chili, I thought molé plus chili, and I'm sure I would love that. Ask for chocolate stout at your local liquor store, or use any dark stout (and, maybe, toss a small square of dark chocolate or some unsweetened cocoa powder into the chili pot?). Here in Rhode Island, it's still chilly enough for chili, no matter that the calendar calls it Spring. I'm going to look for a bottle of chocolate stout and give this recipe a try.

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