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March 19, 2013

Cotriade (fish stew from Brittany), from One Perfect Bite

Cotriade, a fish stew from Brittany, from One Perfect Bite (on Soup Chick).

A traditional French fish stew, as important to local culture in the north of France as bouillabaise is in the south, cotriade originated as a communal dish created by fisherman returning with the daily catch. Each would add a bit of what he'd caught, and the overall recipe varied from day to day, and from port to port. This version of cotriade, from One Perfect Bite, adapts a much simpler recipe than bouillabaise, and the flavor of the fish really shines. Start with a bit of bacon, use any white fish that looks good at the market, add some potatoes, and the soup comes together in just half an hour.

Get the recipe for cotriade on One Perfect Bite.

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