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August 11, 2011

Five favorite tomato soups on Soup Chick


Do you want to hear about my month-long battle with the chipmunks over who gets first dibs on the ripening tomatoes in my garden? No? I didn't think so. On the off-chance you're having more luck in your garden than I, here are five favorite tomato soups from the Soup Chick archives. I make tomato soup year-round, with garden-fresh tomatoes or good-quality canned plum tomatoes. Use whatever's in season where you live. And don't let the chipmunks get you down.

Cream of tomato soup with basil and corn (top photo) says all that needs to be said about summer, in a single bowl of soup. Be sure to use very fresh basil, as it makes a huge difference and really pops the flavor of the other ingredients.


Using a slow cooker in summer helps keep the heat down in the kitchen. This slow cooker tomato herb soup calls for canned tomatoes, but you can substitute all or part with tomatoes from the garden.


While the critters are busy decimating my tomato crop, they seem to have no interest in the basil I planted just a few feet away. Thank goodness for that! Classic Italian ingredients come together in this tomato, zucchini, white bean and basil soup, which you can make now and freeze for several months.


If you love beets, you'll love this chilled beet and tomato soup. If you don't love beets, think of this as tomato and beet soup. Either way, you'll fall for the combination of sweet beets and sweet, ripe tomatoes. You will. I promise.


Have you started slow-roasting tomatoes yet this summer? If you have, or if you still have some in your freezer from last year, try this double goodness tomato soup, made with slow-roasted and canned (or fresh) tomatoes. (Visit The Perfect Pantry for my method for slow roasting tomatoes.)


Oh... if you have suggestions for how to defend my tomatoes against the critters, I'd be grateful.


Posted by: Gary | February 26, 2012 at 01:34 PM

for your rodent problem, get a cat. :)

Posted by: Lydia | February 26, 2012 at 02:14 PM

Gary, we're happy to share with our woodland neighbors!

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