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April 10, 2010

Seven soups every Saturday: soup recipes with bacon

Seven almost-matching soup bowls from Mary's kitchen. 

Ah, bacon. The combination of smoke, salt and fat adds an irresistible sultry character to many soups. In a lifetime of not eating pork, I've learned to substitute many ingredients for the flavor of bacon: smoked Spanish paprika (pimentón), barbecue sauce, ancho chile powder and natural liquid smoke, combined with a bit of olive oil to simulate the rich fat from the bacon. But every now and then, a recipe seduces me, and when that happens, I use the real thing, not some pressed and formed strips of red-colored vegetables, soybeans or seitan. Real, honest-to-goodness bacon. There's nothing like it.

Seven soups made with bacon caught my eye this week:

Jerusalem artichoke soup with bacon, from Chocolate & Zucchini

Tomato, white bean and bacon soup, from Simply Recipes

Parsnip and bacon soup, from Gel's Kitchen

Sweet potato soup with maple and bacon, from Cookin' Canuck

Corn chowder, from This Week for Dinner

Bacon and lentil soup, from A Good Appetite

Cream of asparagus soup with crispy bacon, from Rookie Cookie

Find more delicious soup recipes with bacon with Food Blog Search. Come back every Saturday for seven soup recipes to enjoy any day of the week.

Now, let's have some fun. The soup bowls in the photo today are from my friend Mary's kitchen. I had so much fun looking through her collection of dishes that I thought it would be great to see some of yours!

If you'd like to share photos of seven soup bowls from your kitchen -- or from a friend's house, or your parents', or an antique shop, or a housewares store, or a school or restaurant -- I'd love to share those photos on Saturdays.

Here are the ground rules: send one photo, of seven soup bowls. The bowls must all be able to be used for eating soup (no mixing bowls or troughs, please). Send the largest file your camera will allow; I'll size it to fit. Make sure the photo is in focus (very important). Tell me in one sentence whose bowls are in the photo, or where you took the picture. If you're a blogger, I'll link to your blog.

That's it. One photo, seven soup bowls, one sentence about them. Email to lydia AT ninecooks DOT com.


Posted by: Paula in NH | April 10, 2010 at 06:59 AM

I love bacon! I'll have to try a couple of these recipes. I like the idea of a photo of seven soup bowls. Maybe I'll get my photo taken this weekend.

Posted by: pam | April 10, 2010 at 08:18 AM

Off to check my soup bowls!

Posted by: Julia | April 10, 2010 at 10:57 AM

Ooh my goodness! You ate pork! I agree, if you're going to dive into it, bacon is the way to go.

Posted by: Patti | April 10, 2010 at 11:31 AM

While looking at the column "Soup Books I Love", I read the title of the first one:Soup's On. It brought a memory of my Norwegian grandmother who would announce "Soup's on!" when it was time to sit down to a meal. It was always common to hear her intersperse her English with a Norwegian word or phrase, so it wasn't until I was in my teens that I realized that "Soup's on!" was not a Norwegian phrase meaning "Come and eat"!

Posted by: Cookin' Canuck | April 11, 2010 at 12:26 AM

I completely agree - if you're going to use bacon, get the good stuff. I'm definitely going to check out the cream of asparagus recipe. Thanks so much for linking to my soup.

Posted by: T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types | April 11, 2010 at 07:48 AM

That sweet potato bacon soup has my tastebuds working overtime already!

Posted by: Kalynskitchen | April 11, 2010 at 07:49 AM

Wow, you are indulging in bacon. I eat it rarely myself, but it's hard to resist once in a while. Love these soup bowls.

Posted by: Lydia | April 11, 2010 at 09:50 PM

Paula, Pam: Would love to see your bowls!

Julia, my little secret is that I've always liked bacon, though I almost never eat it, and I don't eat other forms of pork or ham. But you're right; I almost never post about pork, either.

Patti, what a lovely memory. I'm so glad you shared it with us.

Cookin' Canuck, I can't wait until it's asparagus season here! Just a few more weeks. I love asparagus soup, hot or cold.

TW, that sou sounded delicious to me too.

Kalyn, I don't eat bacon often, but lately I've had a strange craving for it. This is the time to make some chowder, I think!

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